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Update:  A custom BELLE can be built for you by Hylan & Brown Boatbuilders in Brooklin, Maine.  Hylan & Brown are no strangers to BELLE, since I built the original in their shops a few years ago. They are the ideal builder to put together a quality sistership, not only for their fine craftsmanship but also their familiarity with the design. Having worked there in the past, I eagerly approached them with the idea of offering the BELLE design. See the link for more information.

Here’s a few things to think about as you consider the possibilities:

  • What sort of options are available?
    We are a custom builder and every boat is tailored to the individual customer.  We do our best to satisfy client requests that make sense for the boat.
  • The varnished coamings look great!  What are the options for the wood trim?
    The original BELLE was built with oak coamings, and that would be my personal preference. But many prefer the look of mahogany, so that is an option.
  • Where are you located?
    We are located on Shelter Island, New York, at the East End of Long Island.  Completed boats can be picked up here or delivery arrangements made for other areas.  A trailer is optional.
  • What hull colors do  you offer?
    We can paint your boat just about any color, but we recommend Belle Blue.  Belle Blue is a custom color developed for the boat, and we highly recommend it with oak coamings. If you decide on mahogany, classic white would look great.
  • No offense, but who are you and what is Belle Boats?
    See About Belle Boats for more about the genesis of Belle Boats and my +10 years of experience in building wooden boats.
  • How long does it take to build a new boat?
    Approximately six months from contract to completion, but it all depends on other commitments. Every boat is custom built, there are no boats “on hand”.
  • What’s the next step?
    Contact me with your requirements. We’ll discuss price, schedule, contract, etc.
  • I still have questions.
    Contact us. I’d be glad to discuss.

Daniel Gonneau, Designer/Builder


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