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"BELLE's size means that you’re closer to the water— literally and figuratively. One of my first sails was in the fall and was a magnificent introduction to the pleasure of a small boat. I was gliding through flat water in a little creek where most trees had shed their leaves. As BELLE parted the patches of fallen leaves now grouped on the water, I could hear the slight rustle as they brushed against the underside of the lapstrake hull. Now that is getting back to nature and close to the environment, which is what I think of as the essence of small-boat sailing." —Tom Sliter from our February 2019 feature article on the 16' daysailer, BELLE, designed by Daniel Gonneau of @belleboats. Find it in the archive. . . . #outdoors #lake #explore #boat #sailing #boats #boating #boatlife #sail #sailboat #boattrip #onthewater #sailaway #boatinglife #woodenboat #boatbuilding #setsail #boatsboatsboats #boatsofinstagram #smallboats #smallboat

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The folks at Small Boats Magazine posted about BELLE on Instagram.  My thanks to them!


The recent article about BELLE in Small Boats Monthly included a very nice video of her under sail. Many thanks to SBM and Tom Sliter for the video, set on the Potomac river near Washington D.C.

BELLE in Small Boats Monthly

BELLE’s owner took her to the 2017 Mid-Atlantic Small Craft Festival in Maryland.  In addition to an award, BELLE was also written up, with a few nice photos, by Anne Bryant of Small Boats Monthly:

“I also happened by the relaunching and re-christening of BELLE, a Herreshoff 12 1/2-inspired small sailing boat designed and built by Daniel Gonneau. With her more open layout inboard and with no internal ballast, she’s quite different from the design of her keelboat cousin, but no less gorgeous.” — Anne Bryant, Small Boats Monthly

Many thanks for the comments and photos!

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