Belle Now Available from Hylan & Brown – Boatbuilders

Through special arrangement, you can now order a custom-built Belle daysailer from Hylan & Brown – Boatbuilders in Brooklin, Maine.

Hylan & Brown are no strangers to Belle, since I built the original in their shops a few years ago. They are the ideal builder to put together a quality sistership, not only for their fine craftsmanship but also their familiarity with the design. Having worked there in the past, I eagerly approached them with the idea of offering the Belle design.

In addition, they offer maintenance and storage services not currently offered by Belle Boats. This might be of particular interest if you have a place on the New England coast and are looking for a full-service yard–specializing in wooden boats–to build, store, and maintain a Belle daysailer.

Their website discusses Belle at the following page:

–Daniel Gonneau, Designer/Builder, Belle Boats

Belle 20.5 Sketches and Information Now Available

Belle Boats has released new sketches and information on the proposed 20’6″ gaff sloop Belle 20.5:

Belle 20.5

Simply put, Belle 20.5 is a 20’6″ centerboard cruising sailboat incorporating many elements from the 16ft Belle daysailer. Like Belle, she’s a shallow centerboarder for the pleasure of gunkholing and ease of trailering.  Her epoxy-lapstrake hull should be pleasing to look at and, using epoxy glues,  quite lightweight and leakproof.  Inspired by Belle, the Belle 20.5’s simple gaff sloop rig should be easy to handle and offer a good turn of speed in most conditions.  Angled varnished coamings and wide slatted seats make for a comfortable cockpit.  The seats are quite wide and over 7ft long, excellent for snoozing or fair-weather sleeping.  Boom tent optional.  A 2-5hp outboard (gas or electric) can be stored in the aft well or under a seat.

Belle 20.5 is the first of two designs inspired by the original Belle daysailer.   I’m foreseeing a three-boat range of Belle designs:

  • 16ft daysailer (Belle)
    The original. Pure daysailer.
  • 18'9" daysailer/cruiser (Belle 19)
    Daysailer with cuddy. Just enough room for a small V-bunk.
  • 20'6" cruiser (Belle 20.5)
    Lavish cruising accomodations for two!

See the link above for sketches and more information.  Of course, just contact me with any questions.

Daniel Gonneau, Designer/Builder


Belle Boats Facebook Page Launched

The Belle Boats Facebook page is now available! We’ll be posting the latest news, photos, and events, so it’s a good way to keep on what’s happening at Belle Boats. We hope you’ll “Like” or “Follow” us at the following link:


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